Idaho Mountain Engagements | Bri and Brent

Princess Bride Would be Jealous


Kicking off blogging on my new website with an Idaho engagement session that gives me all the Princess Bride vibes! Seriously, Bri’s dress was amazing and she got it off Amazon. I usually recommend to all my couples that they chose two outfits for their engagements: a more casual one and a more formal one. This dress was Bri’s second outfit and had beautiful embroidery and the small flowers. They really popped agains the dark greens we found in the trees. Brent looked pretty stylish too. 😉 This session couple’s style was so good.

Brianna and Brent were a more serious, romantic couple. The moment I started document their chemistry, I couldn’t get enough! We wanted to create photos that depicted their soft, easy love while catching all the beautiful Idaho mountainous feelings. The way the sunset light caught the soft tall grass really took this session to a level of photographer bliss. The lights and color of summer were amazing that evening and we were able to catch so many sunbursts and hair halos that I love in my photography!

Bri and Brent drove to Swan Valley with me from Idaho Falls to do this engagement session. It was so fun to hear about their love story on the way there. I have high respect for couples who can do long distance. I think that it creates such a foundation of friendship that I believe all marriages need. Plus, you really value that physical aspect of the relationship after being apart so long! Ha. One of my favorite things about engagements is the opportunity to get to know my couples in a fun way. It makes it so easy with the formals and wedding day when I already have a developed relationship.

I truly loved the uniqueness of Bri’s dress. Here are some dresses that I think would be beautiful for engagements or any session. Be sure to come back and contact me so that we can set up a session so that I can love on these:

Puff Sleeve Floral Embroidery Lace Dress

Short Sleeve Lace Shift Dress

Off the Shoulder Casual Maxi Dress with a Belt

A-Line High Waisted Swing Skirt– would be so good with white top, so many colors

or Long Maxi Skirt– I personally have this one and LOVE it!

V-neck Polka Dot Floral