Locations Near Idaho Falls Idaho for Photography Sessions

Looking for the perfect location for your photography session? Be sure to check these out.


Welcome to Idaho Falls, Idaho! Idaho Falls is right in the middle of some of the prettiest scenery around. We have mountains, lakes, nature parks, beautiful gardens, and so many fun dunes in town and within driving distance to use for your next photography location. The East Idaho area has lots of hidden gems and there are so many places to take photos surrounded by nature. While the background helps with the story of the images, I think beautiful images can be taken in almost any location. As a photographer of 11 years, I feel I can make any location fun and beautiful, but here are some of my favorites in the East Idaho area below. As always, the outcome of photographs depends on lighting, weather, and time of year, but this should give you an idea of what are some of the amazing locations we are lucky to have around are. As always, I always strive to be respectful of the land I use and ask my clients to do the same. We want to continue to use this land and facilities for years to come. (Some of these locations will have travel fees applied to them.)

I’m always up for a new location if you know of somewhere that is fun, beautiful, adventurous, or personal to your story. There are many photography locations that I did not include in this list. And I will always have suggestion depending on time of year and weather.

I am always excited to get out into the mountains and explore new photography locations for sessions. If you have a special property or place that you would like to share with me, let me know! I think photos in new places are fun and exciting!