This is where I would talk too much about my kids and tell you interesting facts about myself like: I love to travel, I've been stepped on by an elephant, and my favorite foods are those with too much sugar. BUT I'm going to tell you why I would LOVE to shoot your wedding instead!! It took forever for me to find my husband, my lobster. He is my BEST FRIEND. He is everything to me. And I love the fairy tale of our life together. Alas, I can only marry him once (so he tells me.) I'd throw a party for us at least once a year. 

That's where I need you! I live vicariously through my couples. I get to see you happy in love. I get to spend time with you seeing how you laugh, cuddle, and love each other. I get to relive MY wedding through yours. I get to capture MAGIC. And then I come home and hold my own. I truly love this job. 

Hi, I'm Kendra Sue

Quick Facts about me

+3 kids
+ B.S. Art, History, and Government 
+yes to kayaking and camping
+raised on a farm
+HUGE game fan: Lords of Waterdeep, Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, ect.
+Home DIY projects
+Canon Girl
+Always listening to podcasts
+carbs- especially chocolate chip cookies

+3 kids
+Art, History, and Government Ed Degree
+yes to kayaking and camping
+raised on a farm- got a work ethic!
+HUGE game fan
+Home projects
+Podcast Addict
+Dramas and Documentaries


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I've been an artist my whole life. 
Painting, drawing, sculpting, teaching, I've done a lot. Photographing love--
that's my favorite. 

You are awesome! And I want to show you. I'll be your biggest fan girl and a fly on a wall when needed. I know how to weave and bend to get that perfect shoot.
I got you! You are my sole priority. Making sure your day goes as smoothy as possible is my biggest goal. I've dealt with it all and always come out cool, calm and in control because I'm a ninja.
Trust me.
Let's make some beautiful photos together!

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about you! 

I'm a millennial with an instagram

... and I know how to use it. Most times.

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