Birth Stories

those First moments

When it comes to birth stories, my first priority is to respect the mother's privacy
 while still providing images that show those first moments of a new life. My own birth story photos are priceless to me and I regret not getting them done for my first birth. Birth stories can be time consuming, unpredictable, and difficult to plan around; I only take a few each year. But they are PRECIOUS to me. I cry every time and am so honored to be present. 

My babies changed so fast and the newborn stage is so fleeting. I know the importance of having photos first hand. I work hard to get that first breath. That first moment of seeing your baby. And the support system you have there. Getting emotions is the number one goal. I capture the real, raw, 100% unscripted moments of your birth story. Moments that are so easily forgotten with the excitement and exhaustion of birth. 

* Graphic warning: Images may have blood or Genitalia

Idaho Falls birth story photographer