Driggs Tetons Engagement | Thomas and Camille

Horses, a cowboy, and the sweet Tetons: perfection


Camille and Thomas’s engagement session will probably always be one of my top favorite session. They were adventurous and brought horses to do their Driggs Teton Mountain engagements.


We do a family movie night every Sunday. One of my kids favorite is Soul, by Disney. Joe, the main character, is a jazz musician who seeks to find “the zone” of creativity. As portrayed in Soul, the zone is a moment where one basically loses themselves inside of their art, floating away on a vibe of artistic influence.

That’s this session for me. Everything I did with Thomas and Camille was amazing and I could do no wrong. I was jumping around with excitement. They were beautiful and sweet with each other. They fit together so easy. They were silly and also romantic. It was magic!

Thomas and Camille

Thomas is that classic cowboy. As we took their photographs, they talked about how their dating was a lot of helping on the family ranch. Since riding horses was such a large part of their dating life they asked if we could include the horses in the shoot. I was totally game!! It made for such an amazing and different session. We traveled to Driggs, where Thomas is from, to get the back of the Teton Mountains for their engagements. Sometimes it was difficult to pose 4 individuals, 2 being the horses, but I love how everything turned out. I love it when couples will bring props to the engagements that  represent their relationship.

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