Advice from a Photographer- Get a DJ!

Want a Party on Your Wedding Day?


I’ve been to a lot of weddings through the years in the Idaho Falls area, with all different kinds of budgets, venues, colors, schemes, themes, and timelines. And I can honestly say that my favorite weddings, without a doubt, are those that have a DJ. While DJs offer such a fun, exciting, and organized vibe to any party, the one that I love working with is Chris Davis from Wildfire Entertainment, based in Rexburg. I’ve seen Chris at multiple weddings and he does a fantastic job. He really does go above and beyond to serve his clients. And I love when a couple gets out of the traditional receiving line and dances and interacts with their guests. It’s a party and everyone enjoys it.

Wildfire DJ Rexburg WeddingWildfire DJ Rexburg WeddingWildfire DJ Rexburg Wedding

I feel one of the jobs that lands on me as the wedding photographer is to help with the timeline of the wedding day. Weddings are notorious for being late and (slightly) stressful, but I thrive on the energy and love. But I usually spend a portion of my day directing people to the next activity and trying to keep the wedding timeline on schedule. I will admit that while I’m good at it, it is not my favorite job and I’d much rather focus on the photos. With a DJ, I can do just that! DJs are amazing at keeping the energy and fun high. They keep the timeline intact. They move around and communicate with guests in a fun, energetic ways that puts everyone at ease. They play the right music at the right time for the right vibe. And you don’t have to rely on your brother or one of your guests with their i-pod to get it right while everyone waits awkwardly. They make sure no one wants to leave. They play games, get people dancing, and they make MY job sooooooo much easier. You hire a photographer to get beautiful photos for a wedding. Hire a DJ to keep your wedding fun, on time, and stress free. I have worked with a few different DJs in the area and I’m always impressed on how much easier the wedding is with an experience DJ working the night away. They are excited about you, your wedding, and your guests. They are there to have a good time.

Besides the partying, they are usually there for the ceremony as well to provide the ambience. You can rest assured that everything will go smoothy music and sound wise when you hire a professional.

And like I said before my favorite DJ is Chris. He is personable, professional, fun and goes the extra mile. They serve Idaho Falls, Rexburg, and surrounding areas so well. I personally love working with him and recommend him every chance I get.

Wildfire DJ Rexburg Wedding Wildfire DJ Rexburg Wedding

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