Senior: Ashlynn | Advice for Senior Photos Sessions Idaho Falls

Industrial and Spring Vibes


I can remember being a High School Senior at good ol’ West Jefferson High School and having so many emotions of trepidation and excitement. Getting Senior photos done is an amazing way to commemorate an important time in your life as you transition into adulthood. Below, I list some advice for Seniors looking to get photos done in the Idaho Falls area. There are so many fun locations and styles. With Idaho Senior sessions we can do nature, play up the sports or interests and I always love getting the urban feel of downtown Idaho Falls by the Snake River.

Ashlynn wanted until early spring to get her photos done. I love spring but it can be tricky because the green world hasn’t woken up yet. However, Ashlynn had a great idea to have Senior session up at 7NRanch in Ririe. We loved playing with the mountains, barn, and old car. I love the outfits that Ashlynn choose. She had a good variety of texture and patterns.


Wardrobe: Clothing can make or break a session. Don’t choose outfits with florescent colors. It can reflect poorly on the skin. Also, clothing can dominate the portrait and draw attention away from the person, especially the eyes. Our goal is for the face to be dominate, not the clothing. Because of this I recommend steering away from busy patterns, bright colors, and large logos. Also, here are some general you-should-knows. Having a darker top with lighter bottoms will make you look larger on bottom. Short dresses and skirts limit our posing options. Bright white shoes will stand out. Vary styles of clothing. Shirts with different necklines. Do a casual outfit and a dressy one. Sweaters or clothing with texture are great in photos. Jackets, and other layers, really add interest. Be sure your clothing is ironed and wrinkle free. I’m good, but you can’t expect me to work miracles. 🙂

Makeup: I always recommend getting professional makeup done. For one, it helps so much with editing if you have beautiful flawless skin. And two, you feel like a rockstar and the confidence shows. My favorite makeup artist is Jaime Shippen. She can make you look natural or really glam it up! Moisturize your lips BEFORE your session. Don’t wear super glossy lipstick or lip gloss because they make huge white spots from the shine on your lips wherever the light hits it.

Bring some extra hairspray to get those flyaways during the session! Have a friend or family member come along to help fix hair and outfits.

And number one rule is to have fun. I know how to pose you to make you look your best. And you just need to bring your personality!